Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) about OrangeMedica

Q: What is the difference between a two piece & three piece Disposable Syringe?

A: A three piece Disposable syringe consist of three parts namely - Plunger, Cylinder & Gasket, while a two piece Syringe consists of only Plunger and Cylinder. By the more exact fitness of Plunger and Cylinder, so it always in advanced technology for producing 2-pc Syringe.

Q: Difference between Luer Mount and Luer Lock Syringes?

A: Luer Mount (LM) Syringes are Syringes which permits needle fixation on to Push fit slip tip attachment, while Luer Lock(LL) Syringes are Syringes which permits more secure needle fitment since needles are screwed on to the tip of the syringe.

Q: What is the difference between 1CC insulin and Miniset?

A: 1CC insulin syringe, like other spec. of Disposable Syringe, with a seperately needle which fixed in the luer tip of Cylinder, there exist dead space in tip which cause tiny difference in injection, Miniset with a needle cannula(27G-29G) directly fixed in the cylinder, so w/o dead space make more exact dosage. On the base of Eversincere's production, we make 2-pc insulin Miniset, make the whole product in more exact dosage and cost relatively be saved.

Q: What is the material used for making Gasket?

A: Gasket is made of rubber which has been validated as per ISO:7886/IS:10258 standard for compatibility for wide range of solvents used in medication.

Q: Difference between 1 ml Insulin and Tuberculin Syringe?

A: 1ml, Insulin syringes are of two types- U-40 And U-100 Insulin Syringes. In U-40 the Syringes markings on the barrel are 10, 20, 30, 40 Units, while in U-100 markings are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 & 100 Units.
While in case of 1ml Tuberculin Syringe the marking are in 0.1ml, 0.2ml,0.3ml , 0.4ml , 0.5ml , 0.6ml , 0.7ml, 0.8ml , 0.9ml & 1ml.
The above mentioned different markings are based on medication dosage prescribed to the patient.

Q: How is Ribbon packaging better than Blister packing?

A: The plastic lamination of Ribbon packaging has higher puncture & tear resistance than the paper lidding of a blister pack - the sterility assurance factor is therefore relatively superior. Additionally the package does not get dusty/dirty/wet in poor handling & transportation prevalent in underdeveloped/developing nations.

Q: What is the normal component of I.V Administration Set?

A: Normal I.V Administration Set is consist of chamber with spike, with Air-Vented or w/o Air-Vented, Adjuster, with stopper or w/o stopper, "Y" Injection Site, and Needle, with the necessary Tube.
Component of I.V Administration Set can be adjusted according to different application or operating habit, so customer's design or special arrangement is accepted.

Q: What is your delivery Schedule?

A: Delivery schedule is usually of 4-6 weeks after receipt of confirmed order for FCL Orders. Specific delivery can be commenced only on receipt of quantity wise query.

Q: What is your price?

A: On receipt of requirement details,quantity wise/size wise and destination port and mode of transportation from you, we will send our Performa Invoice to you.

Q. Can I print or customize (OEM) the packing of the product?

A. Yes, you can customize your logo print on the box or bag, or make a label which print your logo stick on box, but we will decide after evaluating the total quantity ordered, and we may charge you some printing fee.

Q: Can you send me Price List?

A: normally we don't provide any digital format (MS Word/Excel) price list to new clients. Price List may not updated, please contact us for detail quantity you need to order, so that we can make new quotation accordingly.

Q: What is your Payment Terms?

A: Payment always by irrevocable L/C at sight, or Telegarphic Transfer(T/T) before shipment, Specific design or other packing requirement from customer, sometimes downpayment(usually by 20-30%) will be required.
We don't accept payment by Credit Card.

Q: Can I require a free catalogue/brochure?

A: Yes, we are gladly to send you our catalogues/brochures, just send us email or fax with your postal address and contact number.